A radio show I did with my wife at CFRC in Kingston, Ontario from 2015-2019, and a special return for CFRC’s 100th in 2022. While our tenure was relatively short, the show was much-loved in Kingston — we’d get stopped from time to time by people who recognized our voices and asked “are you WAFFLES!?”, which was fun.

The theme was initially “Something for Cat” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but once I heard the “Waffles” song on Teen Titans Go!, that changed.

Every show had a theme; at first I tried to lock it tightly to the day the show would happen on and find historical resonances, but this wasn’t as much fun for Marisa, and we looped into just general keywords. Off and on we’d use it as an opportunity to bring in community guest to talk about their interesting stuff, which we’d then build the musical theme around.

Also! This is board feed, so the sound is often unbalanced — music maxes out, but the vocal mix is low, because this is usually handled by a transponder on the way to signal processing for the transmitter. It doesn’t always sit well with my audiophiliac self, but I’m not about to remaster these bad boys. Sorry!