Land o’ Rando

Projects from over the years. Some Internet-famous at the time, some (probably deservedly) obscure.

Short, Secret Album Reviews: I listen to a lot of music, and in 2021 I resolved to try to take more notes about it. I’m not a music critic. This is pretty shallow and bad. Sorry.

The Big Red Button and the Wacky Robot: I was stalked for about a decade back in my twenties/thirties, and the hardest thing for me to deal with was the ultimate irrationality of my stalker and the ultimate wisdom of the “have no contact, whatsoever, forever” advice. This is something I wrote then to help me parse this, and it’s since been shared a lot across the Internet with people in similar situations. I’m glad it’s of use.

In Which I Ruin Rashomon For Everyone, Forever: a viewing of Akira Kurosawa’s greatest (?) film led me to spend a weekend trying to flowchart it. It gets real weird near the end.

Robin Vs. Zen: a super silly take in which Robin III (Tim Drake) ruins several thousand years of Eastern mysticism.