Tiniest Gallery

Since October of 2015, I’ve owned and operated the world’s smallest (to my knowledge) continually operating art gallery. There’s a guy in Trondheim that got in touch once with a suitcase gallery, which is also pretty awesome!

The Tiniest Gallery, at 49 Cherry St. in Kingston, Ontario, is the world’s smallest gallery. It rotates art, usually by area artists, every month, with a sheet with the artwork / medium / artist’s name and links, if any, to their work on the web.

I’ve never really sought media attention for it, but it’s on a Forbes list of the World’s 13 Smallest Attractions, which is kind of cool.

It’s featured some fairly notable artists, including Chantal Rousseau and Ben Darrah, as well as art by kids, seniors, and a few things by me under pseudonyms when I ran out of art. Below is a painting by Rousseau of the gallery, which is pretty awesome.

Find out more at tiniestgallery.com!