Chess Chess Institute of Canada Enrichment Executive Director

Onward and chessward!

Catching my breath after my first week in my new role as Executive Director of the Chess Institute of Canada; onboarding in Toronto while meeting the Board, the staff and many of the instructors.

I’m really excited to be joining CIC at a pivotal moment in their history. “Chess for life” is their mission: imparting valuable and lasting life skills through the medium of the world’s greatest game. There’s so much you can learn from the “gymnasium of the mind” — strategy, forethought, patience and planning, yes; also good sportspersonship, how to deal with adversity, creative problem-solving and perseverance through setbacks.

Student enrichment was dramatically altered over COVID, and while this is an organization built on excellence from a firm footing based on the vision of its founder, Ted Winick, in many ways this is also a new era for CIC in terms of how it instructs, where it reaches, and who it benefits. Chess is for everyone, and I’m incredibly excited to be working with a dedicated, passionate and innovative team in making sure everyone can benefit from what it brings.

I’m still drinking from the fire hose, as they say — lots to learn, lots to do — but honoured and thrilled to be entrusted to lead this organization from greatness to… even more greatness. Super greatness.

I’m sure I’ll have many incredibly apt chess metaphors at the tip of my tongue very soon, but for now, I’m just very happy to be here, and especially to be working with a visionary and committed board, incredibly dedicated and passionate staff, and immensely talented and compassionate instructors.

Background photo by Vlada Karpovich: