Man-Man: Chapter 05

The Bindle & Spine “Paul is a Spy” story continues. “Grumpy Squirrel” is, I suspect, something my girlfriend at the time came up with as a name and I dropped it in there because I was a good boyfriend.

I’m not sure the whole “Man-Man’s helmet is actually a second head, and sentient, and kind of Paul’s dad” thing was a good idea. It feels try-hard, 20-ish years later.

I’m not sure why we decided to do a Christmas strip. I am confident that we are be the only super-hero parody strip ever to have callback jokes to Stephen Leacock essays.
Again, the photo thing can make it a bit hard to make out details: Lassie is wearing a sign that says “Hell No”.
You see, kids, in the olden times pornography used to come in print formats, called “magazines.” Certain prestige magazines would produce bound editions… actually, never mind.
You see, kids, in the olden times most conversation on the Internet took place on things called “newsgroups.” They were organized by topic and subtopics, so “rec” would be the master group for recreational activity, and… actually, never mind.
This was at the height of the “with proper planning and preparation, Batman could defeat God” years.