Man-Man: Chapter 28

A bit of a mission statement for Man-Man (after 28 chapters!) and then just some fun. Bear!

“The weirdos”, from left to right, are all modestly-to-very successful webcomics from around when we were doing this. Panel 2 is Boy on a Stick and Slither, Panel 3 is… Diesel Sweeties, Panel 3 is I think something from Nukees, some troll thing from a webcomic that was wildly popular at the time but whose creator turned out to be a big ol’ wanker and I’ve reallocated those brain cells to something else, Chris from Superosity, which is still going and Chris (as far as I know!) is still a mensch, and Penguin from Todd and Penguin.
Again, sometimes you have to take some liberty with word balloon sequences — top-to-bottom on the last panel, not strict left to right.
Tautology Turtle will return in… actually, he won’t.