Man-Man: Chapter 25

Civil War was the big comics event around this time, and even made for a pretty wild Captain America movie (with a fairly astounding scheme, which I summed up on MetaFilter) decades later.

The summary of the whole thing is “superheroes can’t agree whether or not vigilantism should be illegal,” conveniently forgetting that vigilantism is illegal. And then they fight a lot.

This was also an ‘event’ notorious for having a zillion special issues and run-up stuff before it actually started.

We couldn’t not do it up.

Every once in a while I look at one of these old strips and think “well done, past me.”
Jokes that were pertinent at the time but make no sense and are really not worth explaining later on, Part 120,239
James kills it on Winnie here.
…and then Frenchy kills it with Winnie. Ha!
In 2006, your phone wasn’t also your iPod, camera and PDA.
The Civil War thing was at least in part about a bunch of heroes banding together in secret as The Illuminati, I think. I might be conflating two plotlines. Something something Planet Hulk? Planet Hulk was cool.