Man-Man: Chapter 21

I have a tremendous affection for Gutsy: The Man With Guts. He died in Chapter 20, but we’re flashing back for a Gutsy special episode, also featuring Barky the Dog.

I actually like this episode pretty much across the board. Some solid jokes, moves the metaplot along nicely, and there’s some actual pathos in there, which is weird for us.

Hup! Ho! Harrgh!

I think Chiroptera’s reaction is what pretty much everybody’s would be if they met a talking ____. People adjust to this stuff real fast in the movies.
DOG CRIME predates It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and “bird law” by at least a decade. I’m sure the two things are entirely unrelated but it’s a fun fantasy.
This is a Southern Ontario joke par excellence and also a generational joke par excellence. There used to be inescapable daytime TV commercials for “The Olde Hide House,” which was “worth the drive to Acton.” It sold… leather? Like, jackets and stuff, not sexy leather. Well, maybe they also sold sexy leather. Who knows? Still going strong today, but just “Hide House” now.
The ninja dogs are never seen again after this panel. I have no idea what’s going on here.