Man-Man: Chapter 20

The Core has largely been forgotten now. It was a very bad movie and everyone involved in it should feel bad. That is all.

Although — for something that’s just a movie parody — it does move the meta-plot forward considerably, with the return of Evil Dr. Plouter, etc.

Early 2000s was also the apex of “throw weird crap on a pizza and call it gourmet” in Sherbrooke. There was a pizza place that did tuna pizza not far from my house. It really was God-awful.
Bottom-of-screen ads: “United Heroes” we’ve talked about before, and The Grayhound Chronicles was JR’s fiction series. “MINE” is James’ standalone strip. Dunktank was the website of James’ brother, my pal Bill. And Man-Man on the last panel.
That’s my mom’s secret to her potato salad recipe. Sorry, mom! It’s the best potato salad.