Man-Man: Chapter 19

With the perspective of a man in his late 40s looking back, having two white guys living in Quebec (a province that could be charitably described as “challenged” when it comes to these issues) writing about the evils of racism was…

…well, we had good intentions.

It did give us the whole Joe Piscopo thing, which cracks me up decades later. So that’s something.

It says something that 30+ years on, jokes about Microsoft’s “Clippy” still land. I’m not sure what it says, but it says something.
Word balloon attribution alert! The second balloon in the third panel is also Man-Man’s. Or you can explain why it’s Paul’s and win a No-Prize! Hey, remember when Marvel Comics was fun?
I have no idea why this weird bolt of lighting arced across my brain, but to this day I think the whole conceit that Joe Piscopo is essentially Wonder Woman in terms of his worldview and outlook is a high-water mark for this whole shebang, personally.
James felt strongly that this might be seen by Joe Piscopo and upset him. There’s even a coda at the end of this chapter!
The aforementioned coda! I think James was in the right here; an enraged Joe Piscopo is an unknown quantity and no sense in taking on risks you don’t need to assume.