Man-Man: Chapter 18

I am 90% sure James deserves the credit for this whole idea — I think he called or emailed and said “I want to do Law and Order but it’s Log and Order and one of the detectives is a log.”

From there, the thing kind of writes itself? I think the big play here is that the log is… just a log. It’s not a sentient log, and other than appearing various places, it doesn’t do anything. It’s just a log.

I will never stop loving Officer Hemingway.
This baffles even me. Why is the Mayor a Zaphod Beeblebrox type insane person?
I think this is pretty much me with any stranger that doesn’t overflow with effusive praise within minutes.
In case it’s not clear, Log has been set on fire by the hobo. I also love that James had Paul change shirts at some point for an explicitly anti-Log t-shirt. That t-shirt must have a backstory! Somebody decided there was a commercial opportunity in making long-sleeved tee just for people who hate a log! This is what we call “rich world-building,” kids.