Man-Man: Chapter 12

JR Conlin, who we’ve met before in the strip, and whose archives I’ve built this using, took a break from United Heroes to write this guest episode. I suspect I was a little fried at the time — I was working a day job as the strategist/copywriter at an ad agency at the time, and spending the day doing creative writing stuff and then trying to do creative writing stuff at night / early in the morning was a lot.

It’s a super solid episode — it’s hard to measure these things yourself, but I think JR writes comedy better than I do.

Credit where it’s due, too — I think James did such a great job developing these characters visually, and me bashing away at scripts, that this became a world other people could step into and “run” periodically as well. Around chapters 9-10, the whole thing starts to feel fairly well lived in.

This episode has one of the high-water mark jokes of the whole series. It’s near the end. Wait for it.

And James’ pirates are cute as hell. I love these little guys.

BOOM that’s a mic drop retirement joke, everyone. JR goes out on top!