Man-Man: Chapter 09

Van Helsing was such a bad movie that I wrote this. I don’t feel great about it. I mean, it’s not like the movie was going to make such a cultural impact that people would remember it at all even a couple of years later, and it’s pretty try-hard.

“A sheet of mica as big as a man!” was an in-joke of unknown provenance between me and JIM Evans, the creator and author of The Adventures of Hydrogen Guy, one of the serials in the United Heroes story universe, which Man-Man was affiliated with. JIM is now a world renowned physicist and teaches smart things on the west coast.
The werewolf is played by JR Conlin, the United Heroes author of The Grayhound Chronicles, and the archivist that gave me all these strips to post. Both JIM and JR will be writing some upcoming arcs real soon!