Podcasts, radio, writing and more

Matt Shepherd loves you.

And he loves doing things he hopes you'll enjoy.

Two podcasts, a blog, an art gallery and a really cool day job.

Matt Shepherd is busy!

He's the creator and host of Jerk In Progress, a daily <3-minute podcast about sobriety, diet and exercise.

On Saturdays, he co-hosts WAFFLES!, also a podcast as well as a Kingston radio institution on CFRC 101.9 FM, with his wife, the marvelous Marisa Sandlin.

Sometimes he restores vintage outdoor signs for interior use.

And he operates the Tiniest Gallery, the world's smallest art gallery. It's a box on a fence! Check it out.

When he's not doing that stuff, he's working his dream job at Queen's University as a marketing director.

Jerk in Progress WAFFLES! Radio Tiniest Gallery

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