Keepin' busy, doin' good

Matt Shepherd loves you.

And he loves doing things he hopes you'll enjoy.

A podcast, a Masters in progress, an art gallery and a really cool day job.

Matt Shepherd is busy!

He's the creator and host of Fundamentals of Canadian Law, a podcast for the Queen's Law Certificate in Law.

Until recently, he co-hosted a Saturday-morning radio show, WAFFLES!, still available as an archival podcast of this Kingston radio institution on CFRC 101.9 FM.

He operates the Tiniest Gallery, the world's smallest art gallery. It's a box on a fence! Check it out.

He builds websites for free, for friends,, local non-profits and good causes, as well as the aforementioned gallery.

He's a periodic guest trustee for Awesome Kingston.

Sometimes he restores vintage outdoor signs for interior use.

When he's not doing that stuff, he's working his dream job at Queen's University as a marketing, communications and alumni relations director in the Faculty of Law, where he's also pursuing an LLM.

More stuff? There's more stuff.

What else has Matt been Internet Famous for?

*old site pages! Pardon the mess.

**Adapting a 1922 novel is one thing, but trying to make a comic adapted from a novel where people are speaking four different languages and that's an essential plot point is interesting. Hours spent with editor Jennifer de Guzman weighing how best to demonstrate this... dialogue balloon styles? Fonts? Good times.

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